Dermalogica Ultracalming Mist --177ml/6oz

Dermalogica Ultracalming Mist --177ml/6oz.

Recommended for sensitized, reactive and recently resurfaced skin. A soothing, hydrating mist that quickly relieves sensitivity while helping to calm redness, stinging and aggravated skin. Our exclusive UltraCalming Complex contains oat and botanical actives that work below the surface to interrupt inflammatory triggers that lead to sensitization, while helping to minimize discomfort, burning and itching. Oat and ginger actives combined with bisabolol and boerhavia root extract work synergistically to relieve and restore skin while fighting future flare-ups. Soothing aloe helps calm while correcting the moisture level imbalance that can provoke sensitized skin. Use post-cleanse to lock in hydration and prime skin for treatments with UltraCalming products. Contains no artificial fragrance or color. Dermatologist tested Skin therapist approved. Made in USA.