D.S and Durga - Freetrapper 3.4 oz/100ml

Beaver hunters were cowboys from ancient America. Rebellious Montagnards of the Jacksonian era, they lined the trails across the mountain in search of beaver skin, at the time very popular with hatters, doctors and perfumers. Black cedar, snake root, synthetic beaver and wild bergamot.

Freetrapper has a delicate leathery base helped with synthetic castoreum. It starts with fresh citrus –bitter orange and bergamot, falls back upon clean blond woods and the spice of cistus labdaunum, until it finally concludes with warm amber and sandalwood.


Citrus, Woody

Top Notes

Distilled Incense, Bergamot, Bitter Orange

Heart Notes

Dark Cedar, Snakeroot, Osmanthus

Base Notes

Amberwood, Sntal, Castoreum